Tree Removal FAQs


Hiring the local tree pruning services might sound very simple, but the end result isn’t always the best representation of how monumental a task is. Oftentimes, it’s best to know the particulars before hiring some of the most reputable professionals in tree removal Sydney has to offer. Here are some important questions when considering of removing a tree from the property. 

Q: Is it possible to simple move the tree instead of cutting it down? A: Outrageous as it may seem, yes it is possible. However, one should understand that this option will cost more as it will entail more work hours and will demand more from specialized equipment. There are people who are attached to the trees in their yard, especially those who grew up with them. Some has sentimental value because their parents planted it the same day they were born, serving as a time capsule. This is a perfectly viable option. 

Q: Can trees be removed without the help of professionals? A: Yes, but not without risks, consequences and regrets. It takes time, expertise and special equipment to do such a big task as removing trees. Although information is easily acquired on the Internet, it’s not a good idea to have a do-it-yourself mindset when it comes to big projects like tree removal. It’s one of those things that are better off done by professionals than waste time because of inexperience. Not to mention exposing oneself and other residents to potentially fatal accidents. On top of that, wrong calculations can pretty much destroy a significant portion of the home that’s in proximity of the tree. 

Q: How much of it is removed? A: Seemingly a trivial question, it’s actually important to know just how much of the tree will be removed by the hired experts. Making this clear beforehand is important, should the home owner prefer to have a large portion of the trunk left out or want as little stump as possible. In addition, stump removal is typically a separate service. Depending on the company offering the tree removal service, sometimes stump removal will cost a significant amount. Grinding down a stump until it levels with the ground is by no means an easy task. 

Q: Will tree removal require permission of the local council? A: In almost all cases, it does require some paperwork and justification to remove the tree. It’s best to make this clear with the local council to avoid having to face heavy fines later on for not letting them know of it beforehand especially if one isn’t as amicable to their neighbors or the whole community.

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